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Alanson J. Fox


Pass issued to Alanson J. Fox allowing him to visit Union troops encamped above Harpers Ferry 10/3/1862, Fox Family Archives


Young Alanson J. Fox and his first wife Abigail Hale, Fox Family Archives


Norman Fox, father of Alanson J. Fox and son of Baptist Reverend Jehiel Fox
Anonymous, Fox family news, volumes 1-10 inclusive (1912-1921) : the official organ of the Society of the Descendants of Norman Fox New York: H. Fox, 1925, 273 pgs, Jan. 1, 1912, p. 2 [http://persi.heritagequestonline.com.access-proxy.sno-isle.org] (12/3/2008)


Front of Chicago Lumber Company Manistique, MI, late 1800's, from collection of Schoolcraft County (MI) Historical Society (via Vonciel LeDuc)


Chicago Lumber Company Board of Directors Alanson J. Fox, second from the left in the first row was the "Blue Blood" that lived in the Ransom Gillis House for the longest time. The Gillis' actually lived right next door at 69 Alfred Street for almost 40 years. During Alanson's time on Alfred Street he commuted back and forth to the mill in Manistique via train.
Source: Collection of Schoolcraft County (MI) Historical Society (via Vonciel LeDuc)


Typical clear-cut in the 1890's in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Michigan Manual 1990-2000, Published Biennially Pursuant to § 24.24 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, The Legislative Services Bureau, 1990, p. 14.


Front Porch of Russell McLauchlin's house at 77 Alfred Street
McLauchlin, Russell, Alfred Street, Conjure House, Detroit, 1946, p. 69.


Lemonade Stand on Alfred Street corner, perhaps the Ransom Gillis House corner?
McLauchlin, Russell, Alfred Street, Conjure House, Detroit, 1946, p. 56.

alfredstreet2.jpg alfredstreet2.jpg alfredstreet2.jpg

Gravesite of Fox Family, Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit

  1. Alanson J. Fox 11/7/1833 - 10/29/1903
  2. Cornelia S. Fox 7/14/1841 - 3/14/1929
  3. Stuart M. Fox 10/2/1870 - 1/4/1894
  4. Julia M. Fox 6/?/1869 - 8/3/1891
  5. Joseph Stebbins Fox 1/3/1880 - 12/26/1884

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