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Tiger Stadium, Briggs Stadium, Navin Field, Bennett Park ... 100 Years On, April 20, 2012

I have searched long and hard for the explanations as to why the Detroit Metro area is as it is today, some of you might even know that I have written a book trying to explain this. All my efforts fall short of what today commemorates. As the people of Boston celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Fenway Park, little is mentioned of the ball park that was opened on the same day 100 years ago, Tiger Stadium. Matter of fact, the home of the Tigers, to me their only true home, had the great American pastime being played there for decades while the Fenway's hallowed ground was still a swamp. Alas, Fenway still stands and Tiger Stadium (Briggs Stadium, Navin Field, Bennett Park) has been razed for some time now. Where the area around Fenway is thriving, that around the old Tiger Stadium sets abandoned.

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